Strategic Plan

2017 - 2020 Strategic Plan

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Transforming health policy and practice through nursing knowledge and leadership.


Serve the public and the nursing profession by advancing health policy, practice and science through organizational excellence and effective nursing leadership.


• Diversity and Inclusivity
• Leadership
• Stewardship
• Transparency
• Civility
• Respect
• Interdisciplinary and evidenced-based approaches to policy
• Health as a basic human right



Influence the development and implementation of policy that improves the health of populations and achieves health equity.

1. Advocate for the voices of consumers and the community as essential to all decisions related to health care.

2. Advance evidence-based policies that support patient and family engagement in health care and care decisions.

3. Provide technical assistance and development opportunities in the area of policy development to assure fellows are “issue ready”.




Influence practice design through nursing science to improve the health of populations.

1. Engage nurses’ participation in the development and evaluation of payment and care delivery models.

2. Promote the utilization of advanced practice registered nurses as primary care providers by reducing barriers to their practicing to the full extent and scope of their education and license.

3. Support policies and practice design that promotes registered nurses as clinicians and leaders in care coordination and primary care.


4. Build relationships and create collaborations with other organizations for a bigger impact on the societal determinants of health.



Position the Academy and the nursing profession to lead change and drive policy and practice to improve health and healthcare.

1. Implement processes for ensuring that RNs are appointed to government positions and governing boards of health-related organizations, commissions, and councils.

2. Determine Fellows and Council members’ current participation and interest in serving on boards, commissions and councils.

3. Provide technical assistance and development to Fellows and RNs who want to serve in leadership roles.


4. Build relationships and collaborate with other organizations for leadership development.

5. Build the membership to include fellows with diverse areas of focus, expertise in policy and leadership experiences.



Assure Academy organizational excellence, communication, transparency, integrity and accountability.

1. Implement annual board self-evaluation

2. Implement an annual CEO review

3. Communicate with Fellows about the oversight of Academy functions and programs.

4. Actively engage Fellows in the Academy initiatives.



5. Communicate with external stakeholders.

6. Strengthen the Academy’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

7. Align the work of the expert panels with the strategic priorities of the Board.