Fellowship Application

2021_Fellowship_Application.pngThe 2024 Application Cycle and Portal will be open
Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Please contact Claire Holland, the Academy's Member Engagement Manager, at cholland@aannet.org with any questions.

The Academy has released an updated application guide and instructions. New for the 2024 cycle, the application guide includes details regarding the updated sponsor requirement. Review the application guide, which includes the questions contained within the application, to prepare in advance. Please note that no other application requirements have changed and the application fee of $375 will remain the same for the 2024 cycle.

New Sponsor Requirements for the 2024 Application Cycle
As previously required, applicants must be sponsored by TWO Regular Fellows in good standing with the Academy as outlined in the Academy’s bylaws. Please note, the changes to the requirements below were approved by the Academy Board of Directors in August 2023: 

NEW IN 2024 - At least one sponsor must be a Regular Fellow who, according to Academy bylaws, holds membership in an American Nurses Association (ANA) Constituent/State Nurses Association (C/SNA) as a full C/SNA ANA member or direct ANA membership through the individual member division of ANA.

NEW IN 2024 - A maximum of one sponsor may be a Regular Fellow who is a member of a National Nurses Associations (NNA) that is listed as a member organization of the International Council of Nurses (ICN), or equivalent, if applicable. Should the Sponsor reside in a country without ICN membership exceptions can be made on case by case basis.

The Academy plans to host an informational Webinar in the winter in advance of the application cycle launch – check back for additional details, including the date and registration information.

Application Self-Assessment

By answering the questions below, you will have the opportunity to assess your impact and hone your responses to the application questions. The questions on the application require succinct and purposeful responses, with word limits ranging from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 600. Therefore, you should work to answer each of these questions in no more than 300 words.

  1. Summarize your significant individual contributions on the national/international level or describe a state/regional effort demonstrating potential for scalable impact (consider this section to be similar to an abstract of the work you will describe in Question 2).  
  2. Briefly describe the substantive, sustained, and outstanding impact of your contribution that is the focus for this application (for state or regional contributions, please identify the potential, scalable impact of your work). In addition, include your potential for significant continuing contributions in this area to health or health care. Be as specific as possible, providing data to support the impact of your work. Ensure that information listed in your CV aligns with the description provided. 
  3. How does your significant contribution(s) advance the mission of the American Academy of Nursing? The Academy's mission is to "Improve health and achieve health equity by impacting policy through nursing leadership, innovation, and science." View the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan to learn more.

    If you have questions concerning the application process, please contact Claire Holland, Member Engagement Manager, at cholland@aannet.org.

    Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

    Can someone from outside my institution or state sponsor me? 
    Yes. The Academy encourages candidates to seek sponsors who will be able to provide strong support for the applicant’s admission into the Academy. Whether or not they are from the applicant’s institution or state is not considered but it is highly recommended to ask a sponsor who knows your work well. 

    How do I locate two sponsors to support my application?
    It is advised that applicants search within their network as well as the Directory or Expert Panel members within their expertise to connect with potential Sponsors. Additionally, many members of the Academy's Committees, such as the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Committee, are active Fellows that would be willing to support potential applicants. Please note, Academy staff is unable to directly match applicants with potential sponsors. Please contact Claire Holland with questions.

    Should the application be submitted by the candidate or one of the sponsors?
    The candidate should submit the application and all materials together online. Please note that confirmation emails will be sent to the email provided on the online submission form.

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    Sponsor Frequently Asked Questions

    I am a Fellow can I sponsor more than one candidate?
    Yes. As a Fellow in good standing you may sponsor a total of two Fellows. These may include the combination of regular or Honorary candidates.

    I am an Emeritus Fellow or Living Legend, can I still sponsor a candidate?
    Yes, Emeritus Fellows in good standing and Living Legends are eligible to sponsor two candidates per year (the same as Fellows).

    I am an Honorary Fellow, may I sponsor a candidate?
    No, according to the Academy's bylaws Honorary Fellows are not eligible to sponsor a candidate but may assist in an advisory capacity.

    I am the primary sponsor for a candidate; may I also be the secondary sponsor for a different second candidate?
    Yes. The Fellow Selection Committee does not distinguish between primary or secondary sponsors. Fellows are eligible to sponsor two different candidates each year.

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